Consider getting a new Home….. For your Pets

An Intensive Survey released in late July 2017 by Harris Poll and SunTrust Mortgage  made the news because of its conclusion that pets played the biggest role in Millennials’ (young adults born during the 80s and 90s) in Millennials’ choice of home purchase, as 33% who purchased their first home say they did it for their dogs.
Another fact states that “A whopping 89 percent of millennials who bought a home so far this year own a pet”, according to
If you want to have pets, many landlords don’t want to have you. Statistics prove, 61 percent of homebuyers found it difficult to accommodate their pets in the rental market.

“Where my dog’s not invited, I’m not going”

Real estate agents say that home sellers and landlords can get more money out of a home by considering the needs of pets and their families, because if a home doesn’t work for the dog, its family is often not interested.

 Pet amenities that attract buyers

Naturally, dog owners look for fenced yards, especially for larger friends. But that’s just the beginning. Here’s a partial list of features most important to today’s pet parents: (especially in estate environments)
  • Nearby walking / running trails
  • Running water.

Buying a home that suits you — and your pet

When hunting for a pet-friendly home, pet owners have a few more considerations than the population without pets. For one, there may be zoning issues. Especially if your pet is one of the more exotic species, or something particularly large, make sure it will be allowed.
In addition, cities may restrict the number of pets per address — for instance,  you may be limited to three dogs unless you apply for a special kennel license. This is not something you want to deal with after purchasing your home.
In addition, just because the city allows your pet doesn’t mean a homeowners association (or landlord’s association) will.
If your landlord’s association permits pets, there may be restrictions on number, breed, size, noise, and confinement. Don’t just buy a house and hope the bylaws don’t apply or that the landlord’s association won’t enforce its rules. Homeowners who violate landlord’s association rules can face severe fines.


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